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Aitech C530 - 3U VPX Graphics Board



The parallel processing capabilities of today's multi-core GPUs make them ideal for many computationally intensive nongraphic applications. Aitech's C530 General Purpose GPU (GPGPU) board provides these capabilities, as well as high-performance graphics rendering capabilities and multiple video output channels, in a rugged 3U VPX form factor.

In addition to the increased throughput offered by parallel processing, GPGPU computing also allows the CPU and OS to remain responsive even when the system is under a heavy load, by offloading the intensive operations to the GPU. GPGPU application development can be performed on a standard PC that is equipped with a GPU of the same architecture.

The C530 hosts an MXM GPU module (standardised GPU form factor), and new configurations of the C530 are released as higher-performance MXMs become available. The C530 currently supports the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M, which offers improved performance and reduced power consumption compared to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M (also available but not recommended for new designs).

The C530 operates as a peripheral board with a compatible x86 VPX host SBC, such as Aitech's C873 (4th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7) and C874 (5th Gen. Intel® Core™ i7) 3U VPX SBCs. The C530 and the host SBC interconnect over the VPX backplane, via a high-speed PCIe Gen2 link of up to 8 lanes.



FeaturesNVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 965M
• Maxwell Architecture
• 4 GB GDDR5 @ 1600 MHz
• CUDA, PhysX
• GM204 Graphics Processor
• 128-bit Memory Interface Width
• < 5 W Idle, 50 W Max Power
• 1892 GFLOPS
• OpenGL 4.5
• Optimus Technology
• 1024 CUDA Cores
• OpenCL 1.1
• Dynamic clock frequency
• 950 MHz GPU Clock
• DirectX 12, Shader 5.0 scaling support
ConnectionsVideo Outputs:
• DVI (single-link)/HDMI: 3 DVI: up to 1600x1200 @ 60 Hz, HDMI: up to 1920x1080 @ 60 Hz
• RGBHV: 1 Up to 1600x1200 @ 60 Hz
• Up to two output ports can be active simultaneously


ExpansionPCIe x8 Gen2 port for connection to host SBC over the VPX backplane
100 MHz PCIe reference clock generated on-board
Signals mapped to P1 connector per VITA 46.4

The PCIe interface supports the following OpenVPX peripheral slot profiles
• SLT3-PER-1F (1 Fat pipe)
• SLT3-PER-1U (1 Ultra-thin pipe)
ElectricalThe C530 takes all its power from the VPX backplane. It should be provided with +5.0 V, +3.3V, and +12V as defined by the VPX specification.
Refer to datasheet for consumption figures
MechanicalAir-cooled: 3U VPX REDI per ANSI/VITA 48.1
Conduction-cooled: 3U VPX REDI per ANSI/VITA 48.2
Conduction-cooled 3U VPX REDI 2LM: per ANSI/VITA 48.2
Conformal CoatingConformal coating on request
SoftwareOperating System Support: Windows and Linux
Drivers: Supported by standard NVIDIA driver packages
GPGPU Development Tools: NVIDIA's CUDA toolkit supports GPGPU application development
TemperatureSeries-100 Commercial
• Temperature range (operation): 0 to +55C
• Temperature range (storage): -40 to +85C

Series-200 Rugged
• Temperature range (operation): -40 to +71C
• Temperature range (storage): -50 to +100C

Series-400 Military
• Temperature range (operation): -55 to +85C
• Temperature range (storage): -62 to +125C

Ruggedization level is determined in the part numbering scheme - refer to datasheet for further details
HumiditySeries-100 Commercial: 0-90%
Series-200 Rugged, Series-400 Military: 0-95% or 0 to 100% with coating
WeightAir-cooled: < 850 g (1.9 lbs)
Conduction-cooled: < 800 g (1.8 lbs)
Conduction-cooled 2LM: < 850 g (1.9 lbs)
AltitudeSeries-100 Commercial: 15,000ft
Series-200 Rugged, Series-400 Military: 70,000ft
VibrationSeries-100 Commercial
• Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.02 g2/Hz
• Sine (g PEAK): 10-100Hz/2g

Series-200 Rugged
• Conduction-cooled: Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.1 g2/Hz
• Conduction-cooled: Sine (g PEAK): 50-500Hz/10g
• Air-Cooled: Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.04 g2/Hz
• Air-Cooled: Sine (g PEAK): 10-100Hz/2g

Series-400 Military
• Conduction-cooled: Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.1 g2/Hz
• Conduction-cooled: Sine (g PEAK): 50-500Hz/10g
• Air-Cooled: Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.04 g2/Hz
• Air-Cooled: Sine (g PEAK): 50-500Hz/5.5g
ShockSeries-100 Commercial: 20g/6mS
Series-200 Rugged: Conduction-cooled: 40g/11ms, 100g/6ms
Series-200 Rugged: Air-Cooled: 30g/11ms, 75g/6ms
Series-400 Military: Conduction-cooled: 40g/11ms, 100g/6ms
Series-400 Military: Air-Cooled: 30g/11ms, 75g/6mS
Warranty1 Year

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BoardRefer to datasheet for ordering part number scheme